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#03 What's Going On

1971, Marvin Gaye & Alfred Cleveland, Renaldo Benson
© EMI Music Publishing


Publisher & Editor In Chief ─ Nam Pilwoo

Editors ─ Chung Jinwook, Kim Eunjin

Illustrator ─ Kim Saerom

Collaboration Artwork ─ Sukyoony

Photographer ─ Roman Permiakov, Anastasia Doynikova, Standing Egg2, Kim Dongil, Kang Minsuk, Yasuji Morizumi, Kim Inseop, Kim Hyeongjoong, Lee Donghan, Choi Jihoon


Size ─ 166*241 mm

Page ─ 232 P

Price ─ KRW 18,000


Publishing Co. ─ Polar Works Art Co.

Publishing Date ─ 2020. 8. 17

Issn ─ 2635-4985

Printed In Republic Of Korea






Publisher's Letter   

Essay ─ Between Staying And Coming

Interview ─ Sukyoony, Duffel Centre(An Teok), Hong Sukwoo

Culture ─ Once Upon A Time America

Table Talk ─ Motown And Soul Music

Commentary ─ A Stubbon Choice

Film Photography ─ Patrick Clelland, Park Hyojin, Mora Riel, Youn Jin, Brad Butcher, Kang Sungsik, Chu Yeonsu, Benedetta Cari, Kwon Sol, Kazuyuki Kawahara, Pyokisik, Vincent Manssur

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